Dear friends and family,

Please join us next Thursday, September 4th, as we introduce the next rotation of our gallery exhibit and pop-up shop.

Our gallery walls will be adorned by Ōyama Enrico Isamu Letter’s REVERSE show which utilizes signature Quick Turn Structure painting.

Our newest pop-up shop will feature Tamaki Niime, a Japanese shawl and accessories label that specializes in the traditional Japanese banshu-ori weaving and dye techniques.

From 7 to 9 PM we will have music, drinks, and friends a plenty at our New York store, located at 307 West 38th St. We look forward to seeing you there.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend, 


28 Aug 2014


22 Aug 2014


Sailor Shawl Collar Jacket - Navy

Fatigue Remake Pants - Black

M-65 x Double Makinaw - Green

Fatigue Remake Pants - Olive

Ribbon Flannel Shirts

7 Cut Flannel

22 Aug 2014


New in store are the SPECTUSSHOECO. Spectus 1 Wingtip. SPECTUSSHOESCO. was started by shoe designer Toshinosuke Takegahara’s 「foot the coacher」 label back in 2012. The Spectus 1 Wingtip, made exclusively for Nepenthes, features the BOA closure system which uses a reel and steel lace cable system that originated in the ski and snowboard boot. 

Available in Brown and Black Suede with the Vibram ETON sole.



21 Aug 2014


Deck Down Jacket - Olive

Deck Down Jacket - Navy

Dart Sweatshirt - Navy

Dart Sweatpant - Navy

Dart Sweatshirt - Charcoal

Dart Sweatpant - Charcoal

18 Aug 2014


  • Needles Deck Down Jacket - Olive
  • Needles Grandpa Shirt - Jersey Twill
  • FWK BD Shirt Dress - Blue Rose Flannel
  • FWK Tux Pant - Black Velveteen
  • South2 West8 Stole Target & Paisley - Navy/White Bandana
  • Vestibule Transparent Rosario - Green Brass
  • Nepenthes Melange Socks
  • EG x Mark McNairy - Brown Boot Multi Long Wing Tip
16 Aug 2014


NNY editorial featuring items from the Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

photography by Brian Kanagaki


15 Aug 2014


19th Century BD Shirt - Indigo Floral Print Denim

19th Century BD Shirt - Blue Dobby Oxford

Bask Shirt - Navy/Olive Stripe Jersey

BD Shirt Dress - Indigo Floral Print Denim

BD Shirt Dress - Brown Printed Bird on Plaid / Indigo Floral Print Denim / Blue Rose Flannel

Forest Coat - Olive NyCo Rev. Sateen

Forest Coat - Brown 8W Corduroy

Forest Coat - Navy 20oz Melton

11 Aug 2014


Bio-Syn Leather BB Jacket - Brown

Bio-Syn Leather BB Jacket - Black

Double Layer Grandpa Cardigan - Bordeaux 

Double Layer Grandpa Cardigan - Navy

Shaggy V-Neck Cardigan - Navy Plaid

1B Long Cardigan - Blue

1B Long Cardigan - Brown

Freedom V-Cardigan - Black Velour

Freedom V-Cardigan - Brown Velour

Freedom Cardigan - Charcoal Velour

Banded Collar Cowboy Shirt - Indigo

Grandpa Shirt - Jersey Twill

Grandpa Shirt - Houndstooth

Grandpa Cardigan - Beige

Grandpa Cardigan - Grey

8 Aug 2014


Forest Coat - Brown 8W Corduroy

Reversible Coat - Khaki Ctn/Linen Coated Canvas

Highland Parka - Brown Homespun

Highland Parka - Olvie Heavy Wool Melton

Reversible Coat - Olive Poplin

M41 Jacket - Olive NyCo Rev. Sateen

M41 Jacket - Navy NyCo Rev. Sateen

Over Parka - Navy NyCo Rev. Sateen

Over Parka - Dk Navy Geometric Jacquard

Highland Parka - Navy 20oz Melton

Forest Coat - Navy 20oz Melton

Reversible Coat - Floral Dk Navy Cotton/Linen Coated Canvas

Over Parka - Dk Grey Heavy Brushed HB

M41 Jacket - Dk Grey Heavy Brushed HB

Coverall Jacket - Dk Grey Heavy Brushed HB

Coverall Jacket - Indigo Cone Denim

Coverall Jacket - Brown 10oz Organic Canvas

B2B Jacket - Brown/Navy Wool Twill Plaid

Robe - Khaki Floral Flannel

Robe - Black Polka Dot Brushed Twill

7 Aug 2014